Doing Your Own Taxes? You Might Have It Backwards!

I think you have it backward.

See a ton of people, most people do their own taxes and they have other people make their financial decisions. Whether that's because of how you were raised, what people around you did or advice you got for some reason, most of us were taught to do that and operate that way when in reality the wealthy are doing it the opposite way.

Again, one of my biggest mentors, Robert Kiyosaki talks about this all the time. It's one of his big rules, many rules he has, but one of the rules is doing things the opposite way. There are three sides to a coin, right? There are both two sides. But the wealthy do things backward from what you might think. They do their own financial, make their own financial decisions. They have other people do their taxes. They build that team of people around them to help them and support them in making their own financial decisions. So that's a big difference. The big key between the poor, wealthy, the middle class right there.

What are your thoughts?