Do I Need A Sign On My Yard?

I wanted to bring you a video about listing your home and it has to do with signage. It has to do with the question that we get a fair amount and one of the biggest questions we’re getting this year is “Do I need a sign on my yard?

The answer is NO.

You do not need a sign on your yard. A lot of people think you do need a sign on the yard, which is kind of crazy to me, but you do not need a sign on the yard. We’re seeing probably 6 out of 10, 7 out of 10 sellers said they don’t want a sign on the yard. You know, as an agent, a lot of agents will sit there and think, “Well, I want my sign on the yard” because truly it’s an eagle play and they want their marketing out there. They want their brand and they think they’re going to get sign calls. They want to see their face out there.

Spend on Social Media Marketing, Not on Signages

If they’re doing their marketing correctly, they’re doing it online. They should be doing Facebook ads, they should be doing Youtube ads, they should be doing Google, they should be doing, you name it, Twitter, whatever. All these different forms of social media where people actually are spending their time. They’re not spending their time driving around on a Sunday and looking at homes anymore. It’s just not what people do anymore. Check the stats. You know, we have the stats to back that up and just common sense. Think about what you do in your daily life. Think about what your friends and family do. They aren’t going around, “Oh, we’re going for a Sunday drive to go look at homes, to go to open houses and frequent peep the neighbor’s home.” That’s not what people do anymore.

Out with the Old, In with the New

So we have to think things common sense. We got to think things statistically in reality. What are people actually doing? That’s how we’re going to market. That’s what we’re going to do, what we need to do. So your agent is just planning on putting a sign on the ground, put it on the last, probably not a great idea. Should probably find a new agent. We need to be doing different things to sell the home these days, so 6 out of 10, 7 out of 10, that’s the stats we’re seeing this year with all the people we’re working with and trying to help them sell their home obviously, and they are not choosing to put a sign on the yard and for us it makes sense. I mean it costs $25 to $50 to put a sign on the ground. We just use that money and go right on social media, right where people are spending their time. So we transferred those dollars and we put that into the effect of marketing. So I don’t need to see my face sitting around town, going to see your face on digital media where people are spending their time instead. Truly, it’s not going to be your face. It’s going to be your home. Actually, it’ll be our business in the corner of the screen maybe, but it’s your home that’s being marketed. That’s the coolest part. You might see people on billboards, agents with their signs on the ground, but think about that. It’s just their face. It’s not anything they’d do to your home, right? A billboard has nothing to do with your home. There are agencies out there that boast that we spend the most on marketing. Yeah. Marketing for themselves. It’s not marketing for you, the seller.

Marketing for You, Not for Them

That’s what’s most important. So when someone says they’re doing marketing, you got to ask them what kind of marketing they’re doing. Are they doing marketing for them themselves, the agent or their team? Are they doing marketing for you as the client, as a homeowner? So, big distinction. Make sure you know what your real estate team is doing and how they’re marketing for you.

So that is the quick hit. Tomorrow, we’ll be doing the Market Updates for August for all of the different Metro Detroit counties. So look for that. We’re switching up today with the Q and A today. So, appreciate you guys and your time. Spending it with us means the world to us. Humbled and honored to have it. So I appreciate you guys. We look forward to seeing you soon. Let me know what questions, comments you have on this topic. It’s a heated discussion debate a lot of people we’re talking about with and I would love to see you get your thoughts on it. Talk to you soon.