Difference Between A Real Estate Team & Solo Real Estate Agent


I’m about to break down the difference between an individual agent and being on a team. Let’s go

All right, everybody Chris Dayton with the Mitten Made Properties team Exp Realty. And we’re gonna talk today about the difference between running solo, being an individual agent and choosing to be on a team. So a lot of people ask questions all the time about whether or not they should ever join a team, or what is, what does that mean? What does it look like and why would they do that? Especially if you’re an individual agent. So a lot of times when people are brand new, they’re scared, they’re freaked out. They don’t know if they want to actually go solo. And so they join a team with the promises of training and all the other things that comes with it. But then you realize that you can actually figure out to do real estate, but that’s not the reason you join a group or join a team.

You, you wanna actually think about it from this perspective that having an individual plan is means that what is your time to do everything at the end of the day, if you really break it down from business a business standpoint, then you’re gonna realize that having your own self handle administrative stuff, marketing stuff time without, with clients, time with family time, with the things that you enjoy doing, you have to like place value on all of that. And if you could leverage that out by being with a good group of people, cause not all teams are created equal, but here’s some of the things that we provide being on a team. So if you were to join our team, you would get top level administrative services help with writing purchase agreements, help with writing, listing docs, help with getting all that stuff uploaded into the MLS

That time is valuable. You could be doing other things other than dealing with some of that stuff. Plus you get top tier coaching. We know what we’re doing in all aspects of real estate. In fact, there’s a broker on staff in our company to be able to help you with any situations that come up. You’re gonna wanna have that because if you don’t have that at other teams or if you’re solo, well then gosh, maybe you can get ahold of your broker. Maybe you can’t. Maybe you got a problem that you’re nervous about. Maybe a client’s going to off the rails and blowing up your phone. How do you handle that? All that weighs on you mentally. So when you group together with the right people, you can get in a better situation. Honestly, you end up making more money and it’s better just for your mental health.

Real estate can be a tough business. It really can. It’s not one of those that you really like to go alone, although you could, but why should you, you don’t have to, why don’t you call us today? We’ll have a private conversation about what it would look like for you and what we bring to the table and how we can make you the next level of agent. Take that next step in your career.