December 2021 Real Estate Market – Livingston County, Michigan

Hi guys, Brandon here, Mitten Made Properties. We have your December, 2021 Livingston County market update. We try to get you get in and out here very, very quickly. We have always preface with two things. We have three years of data. That way you can see the trend. We wanna be able to see which way things are going and one year data is not gonna help and we have the month and arrears cuz now the data out off the press, ready to go all signs, yield, deliver ready for you. So, we wanna be able to make sure we’re making good decisions, data driven for our families, you know, make it the best we can with what we’re given. So we appreciate the patience the last handful of months have been challenging trying, obviously worldly events going on, but just a lot of personal events going on within our team.

So we have not been able to produce as much content. So we appreciate the patient there. We are back new, new time, new time slot, new place, new graphics, everything. And we were making do with what we’ve got, cuz that’s how life goes. So let’s roll here.

Days on Market

Days on market. We had 62 days on market in Livingston two years ago, 45 last year in the, and 37, this past December. So just incredible, just trajectory here of where, where we’re going.

Active number of homes in the market

Remember two years ago was already a hot market and low inventory active listings. So that’s the whole day, or sorry, the last day of the month where the data was taken. How many listings were on the month at that time? So 664, two years ago, 290 last year and then 238 this past month.

Month of inventory

So again, just incredible to see what’s going on here with the trajectory of the market months of inventory. It was three, two years ago, just above one last year. And then again, just above one this past December and just for, you know, some, context can’t think of I can’t, but this context one to three months is a seller’s market. Meaning it’s, there’s not a lot of inventory and prices are really increasing four to six months, four to seven months is a balance market. And then seven plus months is a buyer’s market.

New homes in the market

New listings, this is the number of new listings were on the home, the, or on the market the entire month that came on. So new listings that came up through the entire month, 188 two years ago, 172 last year and 171 this year. So again, not a ton of variation, but again, you can see the decrease slightly.

Price per square foot

Just over the last couple years, price was square foot, $156, two years ago, $172 last year and $195 this year.

So you can see the incredible price, you know, rise going up again, not, not as many, not as big a change in homes, but just, you know, people getting transfer, payments, cash flooding into the system. We see price going up yet. You know, there really wasn’t, you know, a ton of varying variance on inventory there. So again, you can glean a lot from this data when you really dive into it and see what’s going on. So again, that’s what that tells us that tells us people just have more cash in the system because the inventory didn’t change that much down a little bit. The price is really skyrocketed. So, you know, what are those factors that, that change that? And again, if you take that by your square footage, you can get the approximate valuation of your home. The trend is the most important thing here, but the equity’s obviously gone up in people’s homes and you know, you have to have a professional come and check out your home, someone on our team, an appraise or someone actually give you evaluation.


Cause this is a countywide number. Remember that? And then the last one here sold listings. We had 218, two years ago, 254 last year, then 213 this year. So that’s kind of stayed. And again, that kind of is fairly consistent. Usually, a lot of the listings are just getting sold. You know, you had 238 in the month and 213 sold that month. So you can see the huge discrepancy two years ago between active listings and then sold listings. And then, you know, to this year 238 to 213, so everything that’s on the market is just selling and that’s why the prices are going up. Cause everyone’s just scrambling to find whatever’s there on the inventory. So I appreciate you guys a ton for being patient with us. This is a Livingston county, December, 2021 market update.

Our Mitten Made Properties channel is really based here obviously in Michigan. And, we have a ton of other videos and content, , that talk more macro global, politics, economics, things like that as well. But these market ups we do are based here in Metro Detroit area. So we’ve appreciate you guys a ton look in the last 5, 6, 7 years with other market updates to see how things have progressed, but also check out the other counties that we are doing for December, 2021 here as well in Metro Detroit. We appreciate you guys and we’ll see you on the next one.