Dan Gilbert – Largest Employer and Taxpayer in Detroit” What Say You?

Yes, no, or maybe. So what are your thoughts on Dan Gilbert? I wanted to just throw out a quick video and just see what your thoughts were on Dan Gilbert and I just came across an article actually that I’m going to share. It’s from a Business Insider, has an interactive map actually of all the properties that Dan Gilbert has bought and there are over 100 properties in downtown Detroit revitalizing the area. It blows me away, just in my study of entrepreneurship and just every day reading and reading, reading and reading, tons of Robert Kiyosaki, a lot of old Donald Trump books and on and on and on, where you have some the real estate personal development mixed in. Not so much just one thing or the other, but a little bit of both.

Pulling Detroit out of Bankruptcy

But just seeing someone like Dan Gilbert who’s revitalized and spent – it says over $5.6 billion and put into the city of Detroit. Again, you can like him, you can dislike them. You can love him. You can hate him, but there’s no doubt that he has put his butt on the line and made a lot of hard decisions moving down to Detroit 2010 when the city is on the verge of bankruptcy and Quicken Loans itself went through a lot of hard times during the recession just like most people did. You know, there was, there was a chance that it wasn’t gonna make it through and just like almost every other person in business through that recession, but, you know, he persevered and it’s a testament to a vision and entrepreneurship and just kind of what he had seen, what he saw for the City of Detroit.

It truly is amazing what has been built. I just wanted to see what your thoughts are. I want to see what you think. I want to see how maybe some of those projects, maybe some of those ideas, those visions have affected your life in one way or another. Maybe you are employed by one of those family of companies. Maybe you know someone, a family member or friend that’s been employed. Maybe you are a real estate person who’s used Quicken Loans, or one of the families of companies or been affected by them some way or another, or have used them on another side of a transaction or have been involved in a deal. Maybe you’ve rented an apartment from Bedrock Management, you know, something or another, some way or shape or form you’ve been to one of the properties, you have frequented one of the casinos or something like that.

Seeing something and going for it

Something that Dan Gilbert has touched and it truly is amazing to see what he has created and what he has just outlined in his vision and what he is going for. Again, you can like them, you can love them, you can dislike them. Just like the Donald Trumps of the world, the Robert Kiyosaki’s, or the Bill Gates or the, you know, you name it. They all have their flaws, right? They’re all human. But just that vision and that gusto, that confidence to go forward, go forward to the vision and attack it is remarkable and it’s something to be studied. Quite frankly, I wish there was more out there to study, um, about him because it truly is remarkable about him. I’m sure there will be plenty to study as the decades move on, of what he has done and helping rebuild single, almost single-handedly. You know, there are some taxpayer help and stuff like that and the LHS have done a lot of stuff and it’s been a lot of other people as well out there doing things. But I’m just, you know, what they have done over the last 15, 20 years. It’s pretty remarkable.

So what are your thoughts? What are your thoughts on what he has done and what he has done to help the City of Detroit and really Southeast Michigan? I would love to know your thoughts and just very curious to see what you think and what your thoughts are. So, hope you guys are crushing it. This is our Macro Q and A today. It’s kind of our medium, I guess. Not a micro, but not a macro necessarily, but just something that, again, you know, it comes up a lot in talks, especially here in Michigan. It’s the biggest, I’ll share the article as well, but they’re the biggest employer in Detroit and the biggest taxpayer. So they – you know, a lot of good. There’s always some things that come out of it that you don’t always like, but done way more good obviously than bad.

Vision and Passion

We’re all better off because of it. So just one entrepreneur’s vision and passion for what he is doing and how has it affected so many people. So what are your thoughts? It would love to know that. I hope you guys have an awesome rest of the week. Hope you had a great labor day and appreciate your time, energy because it truly is the most important thing we have. We can’t get any more time, so I appreciate you spending it with us constantly, every single day, every week, every month. So appreciate you guys and we’ll see you soon.