Cash for Homes – Know someone who wants to buy a home?

Real Estates can mean a lot of things.

I just have a quick a plea for anyone listening, anyone that sees this now or in the future, we have a number of different things that our real estate team does and one of them that’s not talked about very much is the investing side of the business. Like the name of the page that you’re on, the notes, Legacy Real Estate and Investing and for some reason, you know I do this so I know a lot of people probably do this. I’m in an industry and I still do it. Real estate can mean a lot of different things to a lot of people. Real estate sometimes means, “Hey, this is my personal residence.” Real estate can mean rental real estate to other people. Real estate to other people can mean buying, developing land. Real estate can be construction. Real estate can mean listing and selling property like a real estate agent. It can mean a million different things. That’s the really cool part about real estate. It’s incredibly versatile and there are a million ways to be creative and make a living off of it and build your wealth, build your passive income, whatever it may be.

What we love to do

One of the things that we are fortunate to have is a big network of people around us, investors, investor mindset people, you know, myself, many of us here on our team are investors ourselves and we are always looking for homes that might be a fit for our portfolio, for our investors’ portfolio. It’s something that we do differently than most people. We go to talk to a seller about listing their home. We, my agents, rush in and have their comps swinging in the air, like “I know how to sell your home, I know how to sell your home,” and we take a different approach. We want to provide options for our sellers and potential clients and we want to give them different things. They can look at different things, they could do because you know, “the one size fits all” approach. Throwing a proverbial sign in the yard isn’t always the best case. Sometimes sellers need something different, so the approach that we have is just different and it’s something that I think is really going to take hold. You’re going to see more and more people doing it just because just the way culture is going, I think technology and things like that, I think it’s really going to start progressing that direction and you’re going to have more options at your disposal, whether it’s technology or AI or whatever it may be. We have some different programs that we run. Like I said, many of us are investors. We invested in homes and rent homes out. We have a rental property. We also have many, many investors. Been very fortunate for the last five years or so. It’d be plugged into a lot of the RIAs, The Michigan Real Estate Investors Associations and Michigan Real Estate Investment Clubs and all the different clubs that are around in the metro Detroit area and nationally with technology now obviously,, numerous different dozens of podcasts and being plugged into different communities. It gives us the ability to tap into a different approach and different creative options that it gives not only us but our sellers.

We got options for you

So my plea is that if you know anyone, someone who is looking to sell their home might need some help. It’s a little bit of an off the wall property. It’s, you know, it has some code violations. It has some back taxes that weren’t paid. It’s inherited property, whatever it may be, something out of the ordinary. We do this for a lot of our ordinary seller as well. We want to give everyone the option whether it’s a typical retail sale, we still get the options. You still have options for you. You’re going to have different options than someone who inherited a home that was 50 years old and never been updated, you know, but you’re going to have different options. We want to provide those different options. What I’m speaking about here is if you know someone who is in some type of trouble maybe and who need some help with getting rid of their property and getting the most amount of money for it, the least amount of time possible, the least amount of hassle. That’s what I’m coming to you now is if you know anyone like that at all, please let me know because I can almost guarantee you we have a solution for you and for them. That’s my plea to you, if you know anyone like that, please let us know.

What’s in it for you?

If you do refer us and we do end up putting up a property that you referred of under contract, there is a finder’s fee, Anywhere from $250 up to a thousand dollars finder fee for something that I or one of our other members or one of our investors puts under contract. So there is something in it for you as well. Cash. It should be cash for homes and, or cash for you as well. I do this once in a while. I haven’t done this that much and I should do a little bit more of it. But like I said, our mission is to try to help as many people as possible and provide these options for them.

So if we can do that, if you can help get that message out there and if you know anyone that needs some help, maybe, like I said, just inherited a home, a home just fell into their lap, they have no idea what to do. You have a home that needs a lot of updating and had been sitting on it for maybe you’re living in one or you know someone living on one needs a lot of help, maybe needs some really creative options. That’s what we’re here for. We’re basically a hybrid, you know, traditional real estate team and also an investment team, rehab team, construction team as well. We have many contexts and in that realm as well that we have and businesses that we have there. That way we can help you no matter what the situation is, we can help you or a loved one or friend or whoever it may be, an acquaintance appear and get them the options they need, get them the help they need because like I said, “the one size fits all.” Just having a real estate agent come over and just throw a sign in the yard proverbially, that’s not always the best option. That doesn’t always give the seller what they need. It doesn’t always give him the money that they want, doesn’t give them the time that they want and the hassle they want. So it could be any number of things.

So again, if you know anybody that is in a situation, please let me know. Message me in here, you can private message us, you don’t need to message us on in the comments here and make it public, but just send a DM privately and we’ll respond to that and get to you as soon as we possibly can. Again, like I said, if we do get something or if someone does get something under contract and you refer to us that, you do have the potential, depending on the size of the home, it’s kind of a sliding scale depending on the size of the home. the finder’s fee does vary. I appreciate you and your time listening to this. I’m humbled and honored to have it. I appreciate you a ton. Please, like I said, share this with anyone that you know, that might need this or tag them and I would really appreciate it. So thank you so much and we look forward to seeing you on the next one.