Can You Still Sell Your Home At This Time?

A question we're getting a lot right now is "Can you still sell your home in this time, in the Shelter In Place Order here in Michigan?

Yes, you can.

You can absolutely sell your homes. Everything's virtual. Our team has a system set up where you can sell virtually, list, pictures, video, everything. You sell virtually. People are still moving right now. They're getting job transfers. Obviously, firings, unfortunately. Things are happening and people are moving. Just because the economy stopped doesn't mean people stop moving homes. We're renting homes, we're moving homes, we're selling homes, that is still being done right now.

That's a huge question I'm getting right now. Let us know if you have a question regarding that. Obviously this is the biggest time of year for that stuff coming up for selling homes. So there are plans in place, there are things being done. The title's still working. Lenders are still working. Inspectors are still moving. There's a plan in place. Let us know if you need help there. But I just want to do quick PSA with that because that's a huge question we're getting right now. So hope you are staying safe and staying healthy and we will talk to you very soon and let us know any questions you have.