Are You Ready To Sell Your Home In 2019?

We are talking about some comparative market analysis, some fun stuff. But really it's this time of year guys. We are talking to sellers left and right right now it's crazy what's happening in the market. It's actually going a little more balanced but it's still an unbelievable time for sellers. And I want to see who is ready and who is looking for analysis in their home because it is going to be an unbelievable time. It's finally a time where sellers can now sell their home and then they can go buy a home and not be caught up in this absolute insanity that is this 2018 market. So, as I said, hopefully, you guys are having an unbelievable start at the beginning of this year. But I want to see who is looking for something specific. Either it is an analysis on their home, not just to sell, but also what is your equity. It could just be, "Hey, I'm looking to see what equity I have in the home and I would like to know where I'm at. Cause that's what I'm trying to do all the time. I'm trying to gauge where am I at in the different asset classes, what does my equity look like in different asset classes, what are my financial situations looking like and my different classes?" And you have to build a project in the future, right? As a family member, as a citizen, as a business owner, whatever it may be.

So, let me know how we can help and how we might be able to provide you some ease of mind, some comfort. Maybe you are looking to sell this year. I mean Michigan is a top 10 state people are leaving right now. So they believe it's number nine. I just saw an article the other day and Michigan is the ninth, I guess if you look it's 41st. The people moving into the state. So they are ninth for the people, most people leaving their states in the country. That's not good. So that means a lot of people are selling their homes, more people are selling their homes and are buying homes. So, let us know. Please let me know. Let my team know if we can help you in any way. If we can help you with an analysis in your home, getting a professional analysis because, again, you can have an appraiser do it and it cost four or five, six hundred dollars or you can have a real estate agent who is doing this every single day.

Our team's doing it every single day and help you with that and go through your net sheet. What might that look like if you did close on a home, how much you'd actually be netting because everyone thinks that when they sell their home, that's what they actually get. That's not what you get. You need to do a net sheet. You actually need to run through the numbers and what your costs will be and what you guys are going to net, the check you're going to get a closing. So, let me know. I'd love to help. Our team would love to help and I wish you guys all an unbelievable rest of the day, an unbelievable of the rest of the week and we will be talking to you very soon with our Insider's Report later this week. And then our markets coming for February already, believe it or not. We're already more than halfway through February, so we'll have February market updates coming. The market last month in January is already balancing a little bit, is going to be unbelievable time because prices are still high for sellers, but they don't have the craziness, at least right now than they did over the last year or two. So it's going to be, I think a pretty crazy year and less the market crashes. And that's another talk that we can have. We've talked about a lot in here, but we can talk about that more in person. So, I appreciate you guys want anything. I appreciate your time and energy. That's the most important thing we have and we look forward to talking to you soon.