A Team Of Professionals

Having your trusted team of advisers and professionals around you is and always will be the way to build a successful business or complete successful transactions. I have learned so much from many of my mentors in person and/or through books. One of my favorites is Henry Ford and his mindset towards building a team. Henry stated that if he was the smartest person in the room then he was in the wrong room. He wanted everyone around him to be better at the topics at hand than he was. This way he could always grow and learn but he could also do the thing that was the most important, think. Business is a team sport. In school they teach you that collaborating with other people is cheating. But in the real world collaboration is the most effective and most efficient way to get things done. If you're going to try to do it on your own and tough it out by yourself you're never going to get very far and you are going to be limited in what you can do.
This is the way Mitten Made Properties is built. It is built upon the principle that those around you are better than you are therefore letting you grow and empowering you to do your job and give you the time and resources to do so.

The reason that the Legacy group is so effective and can handle so many clients at one time getting them to their end goal is the systems and the people put in the right places in positions to succeed. I was just speaking with one of my colleagues today and talked to them about real estate agents in general and how most of them are capped because they are always trying to do everything on their own. Agents who are bigger and do lots of business are only bigger because they have a team of people around them, helping them. It doesn't mean they are better or smarter people then those who do less production, it just means they have the pieces in place to handle more transactions and give clients a smoother experience.

Pick the right team of people around you in any walk of life and your odds of succeeding will always be in your favor.