A Leader And A Follower

"A Leader and a Follower" - the Jacko "Dichotomy of Leadership" and Leif Babin Book lesson of the day.

So I've been doing on our Snapchat and Instagram recently and just my thoughts of the day. We've been doing Monday Motivation this week. Being a leader and a follower I think, a mistake that I made in my life, many leaders make. It's very obvious when you're reading this book and giving great examples that most leaders are great followers. A true leader can follow as well. We see a lot of CEO's whose bosses are upper echelon management where you have someone who is in a management position or a leadership position and they really just don't like when an underling comes to them with an idea, inspiration, a way to do something better and more experienced.

A lot of times they feel threatened. The mark of a true leader is to understand that you don't have all the answers. Henry Ford was amazing when it comes to that. He truly understood. The king of mass production. He obviously understood that he could not do everything on his own. He needed a team of people.

It's a team sport

Business is a team sport. Being a team sport doesn't mean you need to own the business. It means business as a team sport is everyone who has a job somewhere or owns a business, has a family, whatever it may be, you are involved in a team sport. That means all hands on deck. That means everyone is involved. That means everyone is doing something to further the goal, to further the mission, to further the brand.

As Robert Kiyosaki would so aptly put all the time in every book he has, it's really important to be able to not only lead but also follow and when someone has a better experience, better advice, whatever it may be, you have to be humble enough to take that and go with it. It's something that I'm continuing to work on in my life. That's something that I strive with Mitten Made Properties, with our businesses. That way we can be the best we can be because I don't have all the answers. There are people around all of us that are way smarter in certain areas than we are, right? We're really intelligent in one area or two or a couple, but there are other people that are really ready, willing and able to pick you up where you might not be, your intelligence might not be as abundant in that area.

So lead, but also be able to follow - the mark of a true leader. So it just kind of the motivation for the rest of the week. I hope you are dominating this week and 2019 is just setting up to be an incredible year. I think there's going to be massive, massive disruption over the next year or two. And I think that those that are heeding the advice of the people that are not in positions of power and probably the best thing to do. Just watching what people are doing and not watching what they're saying. So that was probably the best way to put it. Watching what people are doing, whether it's banks, leaders, Federal Reserve's, whatever it may be, central banks, whether it's mortgage lenders, whether it's bosses, whatever it is, watch what people are actually doing, not what they're saying to you. That is probably the lesson to learn from just politics and what's going on in the world. Be able to lead but also be able to follow when the time calls for.

So I appreciate you guys more than anything and we look forward to bringing you your market updates here. We actually are going to be doing November. Holidays jammed up a little bit, but November and December are coming out soon here next week and we're back on track. We look forward to giving that to you and keeping you guys up to date with what is going on. See you soon.