Q and A: Are you EXPANDING or CONTRACTING your life?

I was just thinking about expanding means versus not expanding your means, living below your means. What I am thinking about is Robert Kiyosaki. He always talks about expanding your means. I think for a lot of us, we always go to that impression of not living above your means and set a difference. You don't live above your means but expanding your means.

Expanding your means

Expanding your means is fun. It makes life exciting, gives you hope, et cetera. Right? Living below your means, there's no fun in that, trying to scrimp and save and be cheap. We've all done both in our lives, right? We've all been cheap in our lives. We've splurged a little bit. But living above your means? You've got to be careful. Expanding your means and doing things that can improve your life, give you hope and give you excitement, that's what it's all about. I think that's the difference with when Robert talks about and it just really jives with me and how I think and expanding means. That's how I want to live. What's exciting about living below your means? That's, that's no way for a human being to deliver God's highest form of creation. Do something. Get out of your comfort zone. Expand your means.

Ask yourself

How can I afford that thing? How can I do that? So many of us are taught to shut our minds off. I can't afford that. I can't do that. What can you do to afford that? What can you do to get that rental property? What can you do to have that? Maybe that luxury that you want or that vacation, what can you do? How can you earn some extra money? How can you just start a part-time business? Whatever it may be. How can I do something to get what it is I'm looking for instead of just shrinking down and not becoming bigger than our problem?

Become bigger than that problem or that issue and expand your means.